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Cast Blog: Snare Drum

Snare DrumOn stage is the only place where I really know what I’m doing.” John Belushi said that but I think it also describes me pretty well. I used to be on stage a lot when I was growing up, I was a hard core dancer. I’ve always been a ball of anxiety but when I was on a stage, it didn’t matter. Dancing was my life but when I was about thirteen my joints started to act up. It was later found that I had/have Fibromyalgia. I had to quit all dancing and let my legs rest. However, little Snare Drum was miserable at the time; I didn’t have any idea what to do without dance! That’s where Rocky comes into play.

See, I watched musicals and was mesmerized by them. All the costumes, choreography, and music let me escape from real life. My parents mentioned that there was this show I’d probably really like called the Rocky Horror Picture Show. They underestimated me, I fell in love. I watched it over and over again. When I saw Susan Sarandon as Janet, it just felt right. She was always the good girl but then she got to open up and be “bad”. I wanted to be her more than anything else.

I found out that there was a group in Pittsburgh who acted out the movie. After plenty of begging, I attended my first Junior Chamber of Commerce Players show on my fifteenth birthday. Everyone looked so happy and pretty, dancing around the stage. That night I told myself that when I was old enough, I’d be one of them.

Since then I’ve gone through plenty of health scares, but Rocky always got me through. I took my beat-up cd of the Roxy cast with me to every appointment I had. I’d listen to it on the way there and coming back home. When I was allowed, I even listened to it while I had tests done. Even when it got really rough I’d tell myself, “Rocky. Get this done and there will be Rocky.” Boy, did that work. Right after my eighteenth birthday I auditioned for the JCCP and now I’m back on stage, doing what I love with amazing people. They’re the best group of friends anyone could ask for. The members of the JCCP have taught me so much about Rocky. They’ve also been caring and loving, you could even call us a family.

This movie is my escape. I still constantly deal with pain, fatigue, and a slew of other symptoms. I have Rocky though. The characters I play aren’t disabled (no Dr. Scott jokes) so when I’m in character I can forget about my health problems and just act. Snare Drum is my favorite person to be.

Love, Snare Drum

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