Monday, December 18, 2017 03:19

Cast Blog: Raspberry Beret

It would be so easy for me to write this if I wasn’t a fan of all this. Writing comes so much more naturally to me when you don’t have to introspect and question every sentence you write. It’s like my philosophy on dancing, the best way to dance is just to not give a shit what other people think of it. Confidence is key, just like it was when I first auditioned for this cast a few months ago. To this day I’m not necessarily convinced my audition is real. The great contrast between who I was just 6 months ago and who I am now is incredible. I know this sounds really platitudinous but Rocky Horror truly changed my life in a monstrous way. I wouldn’t be so cheesy to say it’s similar to the transformation of rocky himself, mainly because I haven’t turned into an overly buff Aryan man yet. Yet.

My transformation began when I decided to finally get the courage to try out for this crazy thing. In the past I was never known as someone to be especially bold or confident. Due to a string of personal events In my life, which can be briefly summarized as abuse, alienation, and abandonment I’d been under the grasp of anxiety for many years in my life. To an extent I still am, but in recent years the grip has weakened on me. Whether trying out for this cast helped lessen my anxiety, or whether my anxiety already lessening helped me try out for Rocky I will never be sure of. All that I do know is how objectively my life has changed since August. I’ve developed a wide away of friends and social connections. I’ve even begun to become familiar with this concept of family, which was not something I was well versed in. However everything about this environment makes me feel well. From the welcoming politeness of cast, to the accumulated amount of creativity and ambition in this cast, to the genuine sense that these people really care for each other, all of these light family like things create an antiphony with the ribald comments, the crude humor, and the endless sarcasm to make a perfect place for me.

No matter how hard my days get, whenever I leave a show, or even meeting, it feels like all those things of my past that might have tormented me don’t matter anymore. It’s all contributed to my transformation, and to quote another musical the JCCP has done, the “strangest things seem suddenly routine.” If you had told the Raspberry Beret of a year ago, the one with body insecurity, shyness, and anxiety that they would be on a stage in front of 200+ people shirtless and in fishnets performing an entire movie, well I can’t even begin to think what I would have thought back then. But now due to the fact the reader is probably tired of my pretentious sounding parlance, or way of speaking, because my English professor is probably having a stroke from all these run on sentences I’m writing, and because I’m probably going to end up feeling like I didn’t include something important in this once it’s all done, I’ll bring this to a close now. If there’s any main themes I want someone to gather from this, here’s four. Provided in list form because internet lists are cool right?

  1. Anyone has the power to change themselves. To say they can’t is a self-fulfilling prophecy.
  2. You never know what will happen if you try
  3. Reading classic novels helps you learn some really outdated and archaic words
  4. To all the people in the JCCP, and all those that follow us, come to our shows, and so on. Thank you. I want to thank you all from the very bottom of my heart, you’ve all changed my life for the better in ways you may not ever know.

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