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Cast Blog: Ponyboy

PonyboyI’m laying on the box with just a thin veil separating me from the world.  It’s the first moment I’ve had to let reality sink in.  I’m about to perform a big character on stage for the first time in my entire life.  All eyes are going to be on me and I’m terrified.  My heart is pounding against my ribcage begging to explode out of my chest.  My hands are trembling as I raise them, not because I’m acting, but because I am scared beyond reasonable explanation.  I start performing and the crowd cheers.  The fears begin to melt away and I am fully absorbed in the scene.  I’m Rocky and people love it.  People love ME!

My name is Ponyboy and I am one of the babies of the JCCP.  Compared to the rest of the cast I am the newest addition.  But not once have I felt like I wasn’t a part of this insanity.  From the moment I auditioned, the cast took me in and I’ve never made such amazing friends so quickly.  I don’t have nearly as much experience in cast or the Rocky world as some of the other cast members and blog writers have.  But in my short time with Rocky my life has changed quite a bit.

Flashback to when I was fifteen.  I had never seen Rocky Horror before but had been tipped off that it was being performed in Oakland.  Being the horror-obsessed teen that I was, I figured I had to go see it.  I lied about being 18 when I went in because I thought I’d be kicked out otherwise.  Keep in mind I knew nothing about the movie, so I brought along my then-girlfriend, who was my polar opposite.  She was incredibly innocent and not really a fan of highly sexual content.  As you can imagine, my first experience with Rocky was chaotic and awkward but I would not have it any other way.  And to this day I feel the best way to be introduced to Rocky is being thrown in head first with no warning.

It took me several years before I went back and saw the show performed again.  This time it was back at the JCCP’s home at The Hollywood.  Its not that i didn’t want to see the show again, I just kind of forgot about it.  But when I finally got around to seeing it again it was during a low point in my life.  I had just gotten out of a long relationship that didn’t quite end all that well.  And I was now a Freshman in college and didn’t really have a strong network of friends yet.  After seeing Rocky a second time I found myself returning show after show, dragging along new virgins each time.  As any Rocky diehard can tell you, it became addicting and eventually it dawned on me why.  I felt at home at Rocky.

While I can’t really say I was picked on or bullied in my youth, or that I had any really rough upbringing, I can say that there are plenty of times where I just don’t really feel like myself.  I’m kind of a boring person.  But when i was at a Rocky show I got to be a version of me that I couldn’t be in real life.  I got to dress crazy, and wear makeup, and contacts, and act like I was a rockstar despite having no talent.

But “like every serial killer already knew: eventually fantasizing just doesn’t do it for you anymore.”  With a bit of persuasion from friends who knew me well, I contacted the JCCP and joined cast and it’s been an amazing ride since.

Being a young adult, I’ve spent the majority of my life working towards things that’ll come later.  Get good grades so you can get into a good college so you can get a degree so you can get a job.  Not many of my actions and life choices have had immediate gratification or impact.  It’s always been working towards a “someday.”  For the first time in my life I have something I’m a part of that makes me really enjoy life right now.  Every month I have shows, and when I’m not doing shows I’m preparing for shows, or just spending time with these amazing people that I never would have met otherwise.  Everyone in cast is incredibly talented and unique and just amazing individuals.  They are crazy supportive and that’s where being a part of this has really had an impact.

After every performance, no matter how small my role has been, someone has said something good about me and every kind word means the world to me.  Feeling like I’m good at something and that I’m useful has been such a major boost to my confidence and I’m finally starting to become comfortable in my skin.  I’m proud of who I am, and what I do and I actually feel like I’m good at something!

I know this blog hasn’t really been too informative, but I just don’t have as much experience to talk about.  But for the few months I’ve been involved in this I have never felt happier to be a part of anything.  All of my coworkers and colleagues are probably sick of me pestering them to come see this show but I couldn’t care less.

I guess I never really grew out of my love for being an audience member because dance party is still my favorite part of the show.  As anyone who’s seen me in action can attest, I love grabbing people from the crowd and forcing them to dance.  I want everyone to get a chance to lose themselves in the fun and insanity that is Rocky and if that means you get to grind on a weird cast member then lucky you!  When I’m Ponyboy I love talking to people so don’t hesitate to say “hi” or ask for a picture.  I’m an attention whore and will literally love every second of it!  I know that sometimes we can seem intimidating but we’re all really nice people and we love you all because without you guys we would literally be doing this for nothing.

In summary, Rocky has been a huge influence on my own self worth.  I feel confident.  I feel proud of who I am.  I feel useful.  I feel talented.  And I feel downright sexy!


Stay Gold,


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