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Cast Blog: Mighty Mouse – I Love Yinz

I love yins.
(The Blog where Mighty Mouse rants about assholes then sucks the JCCP’s collective dick.)



Some days I thank whatever force made me be born in Pittsburgh.
Because if I were in (most) any other cast, I would most likely claw someone’s dick off.

I could start this by saying “The JCCP is different from any cast, and they’re my family blah blah blah”, but anyone in any shadow cast will say that. The JCCP does a lot more than that however, we are carrying the message of the Rocky Horror Picture Show, creating a creative safe space for our audience and ourselves, teaching life skills, and actually being like a family.

As someone actively watching the Rocky Community through friends and acquaintances on the magical facebook, I think about how special the JCCP is a lot. Far too many times I have logged on, to see some new war happening in the Rocky community. Typically, the biggest issue is screen accuracy vs. creative flexibility. For clarification, the JCCP is a cast that values our creativity greatly, and we do so in a way that respects quality.

Recently, I got into an argument with someone who was under the opinon that all Franks and Rockys should pack (a term used for putting an object in your crouch type area to resemble a penis). I pictured my Rocky, in which I rock a tiny bikini with big blond pigtails and laughed at the idea that I would need a penis to be Rocky. Obviously, I spoke up and was quickly told I was wrong.

This is far from uncommon. There is a population who believe that characters should not be played by people of the opposite gender as the character (I’m afraid to know what these people think of our nonbinary friends). There are also cast that will not allow you to play characters if you are not the right body type.

As an actor and leader who is a part of and runs an inclusive and awesome cast, it scares me that out there this is happening and that creative souls will never be able to blossom in their harsh casts. But it makes me extremely thankful for the JCCP.

We have created an environment and show that opens up a chance for the actors to express their own ideas and creations for the audience to take and learn. We don’t care if you’re short, tall, skinny, voluminous, straight, queer, nonbinary, trans, cis, young, old, black, Asian, Hispanic, or anything else. As long as you’re not an asshole and can express yourself in a pretty clear manner; the stage is yours. Exploring gender identity, sexuality, or if you can make people laugh is encouraged. We encourage anyone to take the show and make it theirs.

Another thing I have noticed over this past year is just how much work we put into what we do. Many casts do not have meetings or rehearsals or seldom have them. The JCCP has official cast meetings twice a month, a group rehearsal for (almost) every show, and at least one individual rehearsal per character.
I was shocked, but it makes sense and is all a part of our appreciation for creativity and that is what makes our show that great.

I’m so proud of this cast, what we are, and what we have become in the half a decade I’ve been here. We truly are like a family, in the sense that sometimes being a part of this cast makes me want to break plates off my wall, other times I want to bake you all happy cookies made of sunshine dust, or that sometimes we just kind of show up at each other’s houses. But seriously, we’re together too much to not be a family, and I think we have a pretty real dynamic. We don’t all get along all the time, but we still come together to do something we love and eventually work it out.

Though leading this cast can be hard sometimes, I really do love this cast and yins guys. I’ve grown up a lot with this cast, and I’ll fight anyone who tries to fuck with this cast. You are a collection of beautiful artistic souls, and I can’t wait to continue to watch your flames shine and grow.

Happy Holidays to the cast, crew, audience, and everyone in between, and a Happy New Year.

Don’t stop shining <3

Mighty Mouse

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